I’m terrible at yoga; I’m not flexible at all.

“I’m terrible at yoga, I’m not flexible at all.” I hear this so often from people when they find out I teach yoga and it makes me both sad and excited. Sad because it is a reflection of how yoga has been defined in the modern world -- as a fitness regime for...

Noble Silence

from the archives - October 28th, 2008 Vipassana Retreat near Merritt, BC The gong rings at 4am and it's a lovely sound to wake up to -- a deep, rich, peaceful sound that vibrates gently through the hallways of the women's dorm. I roll over in my single bed in my...

On Socks and Nostalgia

from the archives - July 18, 2007 If I ever forget that I have been living a charmed life, all I have to do is look around me at the things I have collected over the years. The walls and shelves and corners of my home are covered with objects that have meaning to me...

The Masters

from the archives - March 20, 2007 Mysore, India The first time I watched one of Alison McNeil's basketball teams play was the summer of my 15th year, which was the summer I spent completely immersed in the gym at week after week of basketball camps. Alison was...


from the archives - February 21, 2005 Taipei, Taiwan I took the MRT to the office this morning. I am tired and not yet used to getting up early for work. From the moment my alarm went off I could feel inside me the battle between grumpy and happy for my emotional...

about tejas healing

te·jas [“tay-juss”]


power, brilliance, energy, fire.

Tejas is a Sanskrit term that translates to “fire” or “illumination.” It is the energy of vitality, passion, strength, and transformation. People with high Tejas radiate with a glow of inner confidence, intelligence, and charisma –they shine from the inside out. In yoga, Tejas is the intense inner power that propels the student through the heat of challenge and discomfort, toward a deeper, more profound spiritual experience.

I chose to name my business Tejas Healing because this experience is what I hope to offer my clients — the ability to move through the physical, mental, and spiritual challenges of life, to burn through their perceived limitations, and transform every aspect of their lives. 

The value and power of inner healing and transformation cannot be overstated. Our nervous systems are constantly bombarded with information, and demands for our time and our energy. We suffer from stress and anxiety, guilt and resentment, anger and pain. These mental and emotional challenges can manifest as chronic pain, illness, depression and that overwhelming feeling of never being able to catch up, never having enough time, never being enough. 

Connect with your body, your breath and your mind, and learn new coping strategies and tools to overcome and transcend this feeling, unlock your highest potential and live your most vibrant, radiant life. 

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Online Yoga & Meditation

Online Yoga & Meditation Starting Thursday, March 26th, I will be offering 4 free classes per week through the online platform Zoom. It is my plan to offer these classes for the next few weeks as we continue to self-isolate to prevent the spread of Covid-19. These...

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